London Lookbook: Spring (Women)

Spring is the time of the year where hope for a warmer London is at an all time high. This season is decorated by the reemerging colour in London’s plants, increase of temperature, impending uselessness of heaters and the urge to go outside walking in the day. Spring is an accommodating season as the aforementioned benefits are coupled with the stress of final exams and enthusiasm of summer vacations. So students should do everything in their power to make use of this opportunity granted by the seasons by dressing well to ride through the academic year’s last ride.

  • T-shirt: Brandy Melville; Winifred Top
  • Vest: Urban Outfitters; Varsity Knitted Vest
  • Pants: & other stories; Dear Cut Jeans
  • Shoes: Nike; Air Force 1 Low

London Lookbook (M):Hugo Boss; HUGO Xevo Contrast Logo Beanie in Black (Winter Beanie)

Hugo Boss’ HUGO Xevo Contrast Logo Beanie in Black is relatively straightforward and blends well with the colour scheme of the outfit. Being a simple beanie it adds an element of ironic casualness while being functionally appropriate by keeping your head warm during the winter. Its black colours are also a good fit with the rest of the outfit as it does not fall outside the overall colour palette used.

London Lookbook (M): Off White; Out of Office Logo-embroidered Leather Low-top Sneakers (Winter Shoes)

Off White’s Out of Office Logo-embroidered Leather Low-top Sneakers are the perfect finishing touch to the outfit. Its model radiates casual simplicity and winter survival essentials. Its relatively bulky features and regular sneaker mould embody the outfits casual winter theme. Also, the sneaker’s colour scheme display the full progression of colours from the top pieces to the sneakers themselves. This is complemented by the additional black and white tundra patterns on the shoes’ accessory as a further statement of winter compatibility.

London Lookbook (M): FOG; Essentials Sweatpants in Black (Winter outerwear)

FOG’s Essentials Sweatpants in Black serve as an exponent of colour shading. The model and comfort of this piece are common amongst sweatpants making it an exemplary winter piece for any person. However, the black of this piece is an exponent to the the grey and dark grey of the pieces above it. This adds to the complexity of the outfit without straying from its primary colour scheme.

London Lookbook (M): Urban Outfitters; UO Washed Black Sherpa Bomber Jacket (Winter outerwear)

Veering away from common casualness, Urban Outfitters’ UO Washed Black Sherpa Bomber Jacket injects subtle waves of sophistication. Due to its model and material, this piece drives the entire outfit outside the realm of regular casualness. This is a bold direction for it to take as the margins of compatibility between the pieces of this outfit are balanced on a slim thread. Additionally, the dark grey of this piece provides shading between the top pieces of the outfit which adds another layer of colours.