London Series: Social Life at International Hall (English)

Social life is an incredibly important part of living in a student accommodation. The opportunity to live with your peers for socialisation or working together on schoolwork is part of the overall uni experience. International Halls is no exception to this common phenomena as social life is a massive part of living there.


For catered residents, social life will be very important as they will dine together frequently. When catered, residents will have to meet each other at least once a day or two assuming they are at the halls at both meal times. This is a great opportunity to meet other residents and befriend them as meeting them is both inevitable and frequent.

Also, there are various areas where students tend to meet up an interact. The common room is a popular choice amongst the students as there are a number of activities to do there. There is a ping-pong table, pool table and couches where students can just converse relaxingly.

Furthermore, the various events at International Hall become great opportunities to meet other students. For example, the weekly sporting events are great at bonding. Playing sports together is quite good at building relationships between people in general, especially if its done regularly. The regular sporting events at International Hall allow you to continue to hang out with the people you play with at various other times giving you an opportunity to deepen the relationship.


The resident interaction at International Hall is very positive. Residents here are generally welcoming and love the opportunity to make new friends. As a result, it is very easy to integrate yourself into the community to help make your uni experience a fun one.

Also, International Hall houses a very diverse resident pool. Residents will meet people from a large variety of backgrounds and should not worry about feeling out of place.

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London Series: Essay Assignments

Essay assignments will be a huge part of your uni experience. These essays will make up most of your assignments and even contribute to your exam grades, especially in online uni. As a result, it will be important for you to know several things to succeed at writing essays. I might not be the best essay writer in the world but at least you’ll be able to pick up a thing or two from the topic we will be discussing.

  • Question
  • Ideas
  • Outline
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Synthesising
  • Concluding
  • Referencing

London Series: Practicals

Practicals will be an important part of your uni experience. They will require you to be take a more hands-on approach compared to normal classes and it will definitely be a bother to most students. Luckily, there are ways to cheat the system and have a relatively more comfortable ride than oblivious students. This week we’ll discuss how you should take on practicals to properly make the most of these sessions.

  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Lab Work

London Series: Note-taking

Your notes will be your lifeline in surviving uni. Without them you would find it difficult to succeed as most of the material is verbally delivered. Being able to take good notes is essential in revising and using that information for later reference. While note-taking isn’t an incredibly difficult skill to master, tips and tricks are always useful to be shared when they can. This week we’ll be discussing several tips for you to keep in mind when taking notes.

  • Topics
  • Technicalities
  • Statistics
  • Lecturer’s notes
  • Revision
  • Deadlines

London Series: Types of classes

Generally there are four types of classes in London unis that you should be aware of; lectures, seminars, practicals and laboratory practicals. These classes are relatively different in nature and need different approaches when participating. This week, to further elaborate on the variety of classes, we’ll be taking time to discuss the different types of classes available in London unis.

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Practicals
  • Laboratory Practicals

London Series: In-Class Focus

Attending classes are normatively known as commendable behaviour for uni students. This societal opinion does have its merits as classes are the main setting for educator-to-student learning. Through this experience students are able to gain knowledge credibly and effectively while clearing up any confusion they might have on the spot. However, it is first important to understand what types of classes are common in London universities and what will be done in them.

  • Types of Classes
  • Note-Taking
  • Practicals