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Hi Sahabat Access Education, bagi kalian terutama kalian siswa IB Diploma dan A Level yang berencana ingin melanjutkan pendidikan kalian di Inggris, apakah kalian sudah mulai memilih 5 universitas yang akan dimasukkan dalam UCAS Application? Jika masih bingung dan ragu tentang apa itu UCAS, Sahabat Access Education dapat menghubungi Student Advisor kami yang siap untuk membantu kalian dalam kepengurusan pendaftarannya di nomor kontak yang ada. 🙂

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London Series: QMUL for Engineering, Universitas dengan Jurusan Teknik Unik di Inggris (English)

Although the UK is not home to the most sought after engineering degrees in the world, there are universities that can provide high-quality courses in that field. The undisputed king of the sciences of London, Imperial College London, and a highly reputable all-rounder, Queen Mary University London, beg to differ with the global opinion of the UK’s engineering scene. These unis will be discussed in terms of main strength, preparation for work and intensity.

Video taken from QMULOfficial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3QVlmLL1yU&ab_channel=QMULOfficial

Queen Mary University of London


Queen Mary’s engineering courses are well-known to be some of the best in London. This university provides one of the best options for the course in London with a relatively realistic chance of admission.

School of Engineering and Material Science, photo by Queen Mary University of London from https://www.bioengineering.qmul.ac.uk/facilities/sems/

Special Quality

As a Russell Group university, Queen Mary is appropriately accommodating towards research. For engineering courses, such as Material Science and Engineering, Queen Mary shows its dedication for research in various forms. For example, this course has a module is dedicated to practical learning involving lab testing. Modules set up in similar ways are incredibly beneficial for students who are more research-oriented in their career paths. Additionally, Queen Mary is one of the only unis in the UK to offer a course in Material Science and Engineering. This course is also very different to what students may find in Indonesia.

Preparation for Work

Queen Mary shows its efforts in preparing students for work in different activities in the classroom. Students will experience these types of activities in his course. For example, within Material Science and Engineering there is an activity called problem based learning. In this activity students are required to solve an open ended question within a randomly selected group. Students find this beneficial as it helps prepare students for working in groups in working job scenarios and allows him to improve his ability to be open minded to new ideas within discussions.


The level of intensity studying Engineering in Queen Mary is relatively manageable. In terms of time spent studying, on average a student can spend 5 hours a day. He adds 2 hours of studying to his routine when revising a new chapter. Additionally, the competition between students is relaxed most of the time. Students find their peers to be helpful during lectures and problem-solving activities in class. However, during exams and when doing coursework students tend to become more competitive.

Overall, Queen Mary is a great choice for a research oriented student. Also, it helps students prepare for the future with classes that combine theoretical knowledge and practical soft-skills. Studying at Queen Mary can be manageable due to the study time required and relatively helpful student body.

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UCAS 2021

UCAS Application 2021 (Website Konsultan)

Hi Sahabat Access Education, bagi kalian terutama kalian student IB Diploma dan A Level yang berencana ingin melanjutkan pendidikan kalian di Inggris, apakah kalian sudah mulai memilih 5 universitas yang akan dimasukkan dalam UCAS Application? Jika masih bingung dan ragu yuk hubungi Access Team Student Advisor untuk membantu kalian dalam kepengurusan pendaftaran dan lainnya. Ditunggu ya… 🙂

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Kuliah di Inggris Raya

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Inggris (PPI UK) adalah Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Inggris, sebuah perkumpulan mahasiswa independen yang beroperasi dengan dukungan resmi dari Kedutaan Besar Indonesia di Inggris. PPI UK bertindak sebagai badan yang menghubungkan Pelajar Indonesia dari semua kota di Inggris dan Irlandia.

Sebagai pembela terkemuka budaya Indonesia dan penjangkauan pendidikan, PPI UK menjadi tuan rumah berbagai acara yang akan mempromosikan baik budaya Indonesia yang luar biasa dan pendapat independen dari Cendekiawan Indonesia di Inggris. Jika Anda adalah orang Indonesia yang belajar di UK, Anda adalah bagian dari keluarga PPI UK.

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