London Series-UCL Days: Fabric

Fabric is touted to be one of the best club franchises in Europe boasting locations in several prominent cities around the continent. This institution is often frequented by students of various unis but UCL students are common visitors to the club. Fabric is bound to provide you with an unforgettable experience for you crazy partygoers looking for a night to forget your uni worries.

Fabric has several rooms with different themes of music that visitors can choose from. All these rooms are very well decorated and are unique to one another. One of the main rooms is a straight up mosh pit where rap music is usually played. This room is your typical club room that provides no space to sit and a stage where the most outgoing visitors get busy at. Additionally, Fabric also has a room one their third floor which is much more cramped but thematically heavy. This room is meant to provide a bit more intimacy and peace compared to the other rooms while blasting the same type of music as the others. Also, Fabric has a waiting room for students to rest in the middle of their hectic nights. Being quite spacious and accommodating to rest, this room is a great place to put a pause on your dancing and recharge for the next sessions.

London Series: Night life

Here comes the most exciting part of being a student; drinking. Having all the freedom in the world will open up a world of night-time shenanigans that you never would have been able to experience before uni. As much as it shouldn’t be, night life is an important part of a uni student’s routine as both peer pressure and personal curiosity will pique your interest in such affairs. These recommendations might not be close to the UCL area but are definitely frequented by students of the institution:

  • Fabric
  • Thai Square
  • Ministry of Sound
  • Piccadilly Institute
  • XOYO
  • Printworks London
  • Accommodation Events
  • Someone’s flat

London Series-UCL Days: Cartwright gardens

For students with interests in less accessible sports there can be a problem in continuing their interests once they get into uni. The usual sports facilities they frequent are far away from home and they do not know where to turn to. Fortunately for tennis players, Cartwright Gardens provides free courts for anyone to use close to UCL.

Cartwright Gardens is equipped with four tennis courts free to use for anyone within the area. These courts are of high quality and absolutely adequate to have play tennis leaving little left to be desired. Also, the location of this place is relatively safe as it is directly adjacent to Garden Halls with their own security detail. Additionally, grabbing a quick bite after a session of tennis is a convenient choice as Cartwright Gardens is located near restaurants and The Brunswick.

London Series-UCL Days: Russel square park

Sometimes exercise can also be inspired from the need to disconnect from daily life and have a relaxing period of time to yourself. Usually, people who are motivated by this need for solitude turn to jogging. Although the UCL area is filled with places for jogging, Russell Square Park provides a great venue for an orderly and scenic jogging session.

Russel Square Park is very wide and provides both a circular path around the perimeter and incisive roads to mix things up during jogging. These paths are accompanied by scenic trees and the usual park vegetation that you would expect organised neatly into your typical London park in the middle of the city. Additionally, the park is located very close to UCL with one of the nearest building being the Institute of Education, a common hangout spot for UCL students. Furthermore, for any joggers with plans for breakfast or any other type of meal this park is the location to Caffé Tropea which is a recommended restaurant to have a quick bite or hangout session.

London Series-UCL Days: Coram’s field

Exercise doesn’t always have to be a focused training session to push your body to the limit. Casual sports are a great option to stay fit and refresh your mind after a long week of lectures. Studying in the country of Football presents a great opportunity to get together with like-minded individuals who love the beautiful game. Coram’s Field is a great option for anyone looking for a casual kick-about or a heated match to settle differences.

Coram’s Field is divided into several pitches for visitors to enjoy. These pitches are generally 9-a-side size but can be combined into one massive 11-a-side pitch. The grass is of great quality and presents no problems. Footballs are usually brought by visitors themselves but borrowing footballs is an option but just requires further coordination with the venue. However, these pitches are relatively pricey for a small group so large football sessions are recommended. Additionally, Coram’s Field also has a basketball court that is free to use for anyone interested.

London Series-UCL Days: The Gym

UCL student’s, especially freshers, usually stay in accommodations around the uni. These accommodations are spread out throughout the area but still remain relatively close to the uni. However, the locations of these accommodations do dictate the facilities that are closest to them. Luckily for residents of International Hall, their accommodation is extremely close to The Brunswick where they can sign up for a membership to The Gym.

The Gym is probably the best gym around for UCL students due to its price and the quality of its facilities. Firstly, The Gym provides discounted prices for students. This allows them to enjoy high quality facilities at the price of cheaper gyms. Second, the quality of equipment is top notch. From their cardio equipment to weights, all their equipment are high quality and plentiful. This allow for smooth workout sessions without waiting in line to use equipment. However, the location presents a problem for students who don’t live near the area. The area itself is relatively safe with a minimal chance of danger but is quite far from other UCL accommodations.