London Specials: Academics, Let it Out (English)

Personal statements are essays that are meant for students to show who they are. An important part of putting yourself out there for unis to judge is your understanding of academic knowledge. This is best done through showing how the things that you’ve learned so far can be implemented or relate to real life. This will allow you to show your knowledge and your distinct thinking that will ultimately package you into an attractive candidate for admission.


Being observant of reality is the first step to expressing yourself through academic knowledge. This allows you to draw upon any problems, marvels or notable facets of reality and discuss them with proper academic conduct. This allows you to showcase your understanding of academic knowledge on a higher level as you are able to take the words within a textbook and line reality with its meaning.

This can be done through explaining real world events with academic knowledge and stating your opinion on it. For example, in this example the improvement of education across a country is likened to the enlightenment. This showcases an awareness of the real world, understanding of a specific topic within a specific subject and the ability to formulate an opinion that can change the world.


Providing a solution of a real world problem using academic knowledge is the next step after showcasing your observations. This helps you show that you can bring more to the table when equipped knowledge.

For instance, in this example tourism is discussed through economic theory. Here common conversations are shown to be a reference for an economic revolution through the better marketing of Indonesia’s tourism. This shows that you are able to pinpoint a certain solution to a specific problem with an academic line of thinking.

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London Specials: Mix-n-Match, Unifying the Diverse (English)

The nature of the personal statement is that it is a single essay for several courses and unis. This is done to alleviate the burden of writing individual essays for each application but honestly makes it more difficult for students to get into all their choices. Good job UCAS. Knowing how to write an essay that will be able to get you accepted into all of your choices will save you from the anxiety of absolute rejection.

Choose Similar Courses

This is probably the easiest way to write an essay for all your applications. Choosing similar courses for all your applications will allow you to to relate to any course you are applying to. This will allow you to showcase your understanding of a certain field of study without having to compromise to accommodate the discussion of other fields of studies. However, this should only be done if you are absolutely certain that you want to pursue your education in this major. Although this is more low risk it is very consequential as you have no room to choose different types of courses when all offers have been sent. Also, it should be noted that courses on opposite ends of the spectrum are very difficult to fit into one application file so a creative mind is needed to succeed in getting admitted into all those choices.

One way this manifests is that it is possible for you to speak about a certain topic from one viewpoint. For example, when applying to chemical engineering courses in 5 different unis you can solely discuss a single topic you are interested such as the application of ammonium nitrate. This allows you to focus on this topic from the viewpoint of an aspiring chemical engineer and really establish your understanding of the course. On the other hand, if you apply for chemistry or biochemical engineering along with chemical engineering, there would be more viewpoints you would have to showcase such as the theoretical side of chemistry and the integration of biology of biochemical engineering.

Discuss Fundamentals

Although courses are taught differently and may teach different topics, there are always a rudimentary principles that bind them all together. Discussing this will not only allow you to write an essay for all your applications but show you really do understand what you want to study.

For example, when applying to an economics course there are several key topics that you can discuss such as supply and demand. Supply and demand are concepts that you learn early on in the course and will remain a staple throughout your studies. Displaying a comprehensive understanding of supply and demand opens the door to discussion into other fields of study that use such concepts such as business management, finance and accounting and even statistics. Being able to show this correlation will be a plus point for your competitiveness and will allow you to show your thorough understanding of the field of study.

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London Specials: Course, Show That You Know (English)

Knowing what your specific course in the particular uni you’re gunning for is integral in getting in. Doing research prior to writing your personal statement is a must to be able to advertise yourself in a way that is attractive to the uni you’re applying to. This can be done in several ways. These explanations will be a brief overview of some of the things that will be discussed further along in the week

Field of Study

Knowing what your course teaches is probably a given but knowing how to connect this to what you have learned so far in the entirety of your life is just as important. Knowing what elements of the field of study your course focuses on will be a plus point for you to be able to show how compatible you are for the course. For example, a political science course in UCL could gravitate towards political substance. Showing an affinity towards political substance through your knowledge of current political events would increase your chances of getting into UCL rather than political courses in unis who value research methodology in their teaching.

Course Structure

Being able to appeal to the way the course teaches the field of study further adds to your competitiveness. To be able to show how you will be able to learn from the courses mechanisms will show you have larger potential than other candidates and shows your ability to apply critical thinking. For instance, a uni with a course structure heavily implementing the usage of seminars for their teaching would appeal to a student who a showcases their ability to hold discussions and work in teams.

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London Specials: Personal Statement (English)

The personal statement is the single most important part of your application contributing to your competitiveness. It is what shows unis who you are and why they should accept you. You need to be able to convey that information in a concise and effective manner for unis to snap you up and set you off on the journey of your life. This week we will be discussing how to place your very being in several hundred characters for unis to fawn over your literary representation.

  • Course
  • Choice Differences
  • Link to Academics
  • Non-Academics
  • Structure
  • Unique Selling Point

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London Specials: Living Cost, Set Your Budget (English)

Living in the UK is an expensive endeavour that most students you should be prepared to undertake. This should fall under your calculations when you are deciding on where to go to uni. There are several things that you can consider to be able to plan how much you are going to spend on uni.


As previously discussed, the location of the uni heavily influences the living cost of your uni life. From food to housing everything will be affected in terms of price. It’s important to note how much a city, town or village costs to live in to be able to plan out your expenses throughout uni life.


Courses in the UK do not all cost the same. Generally, courses in the natural sciences (generally in the 30000 pounds a year range) cost exponentially more than the social sciences (20000 pounds a year range) as they require extra equipment for activities such as lab practicals. This should a main consideration as going to school in the UK is not cheap and should be a reminder to seize this opportunity by the throat.


This really depends on what kind of life you want to live. A student can splurge and explore the full extent of what the UK has to offer through activities such as travelling, culinary exploration or clubbing. On the other hand, a student can completely focus on their uni life and not spend much money on leisure to be able to procure their basic necessities while enjoying recreational activities friendly to lower budgets. However, it is entirely possible for students to balance the two and seek a lifestyle in both worlds by managing money correctly.


Receiving scholarships for undergrad courses in the UK is rather tricky as there aren’t much available and it is relatively competitive. However, if you can receive one it would help incredibly. For example, UCL’s Denys Holland scholarship open for any type of applicant who finds it difficult to pay for an education at UCL. These types of scholarships can be found directly on the websites universities.

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London Specials: Social Life, New Beginnings (English)

Uni is where young people come to discover themselves and figure out what they want from life. This is done through meeting new people and creating connections that will last a lifetime. Through these meetings you will be able to know more about yourself and the world. Thus, social life shouldn’t be taken for granted as the most important lessons in uni are taught by the people around you. The types of social lives doesn’t really depend on the uni but on what a person wants to indulge themselves in. We will be discussing three types of social lives; Lively and Relaxed.


Most campuses are quite lively if you really think about it. There are various things associated with the campus that you can undertake such as societies or sports teams. However, there are some campuses that are extra lively and that people would find enjoyable due to a few extra perks.

First, students of lively campuses frequently go out. Going out doesn’t necessarily mean activities associated with alcohol, but any kind of social activity that is available. Examples would be clubbing, sight-seeing, going out for drinks, movies, visiting museums and many more. However, this kind of social conduct is usually very diverse which can tire a person but is unique and diverse.

Second, students who enjoy eventful lives outside of uni have to be able to manage their time efficiently. Time management in this sense gravitates towards the idea that a healthy fun and work balance is struck. Having fun is incredibly important but it should also be accompanied by a sense of responsibility. This usually becomes an issue during exam period where students often take advantage of recorded lectures to catch up on a whole term’s material in a few days.

Third, a lively uni experience will bring you towards a wide range of personalities. This is very exciting for people who enjoy new encounters and want to explore the world. This will help people find new things to explore and uncover hidden truths within themselves. However, it should be noted that taking time away from people is very useful when you are feeling down. You should always keep in mind that you deserve to do anything you can to take care of yourself.


Living a relaxed uni life is possible in any campus. This is usually for people who know what they want and can moderate other aspects of life into their schedule. This is a great option for anyone due to a few plus points.

First, people of relaxed lives spend time mainly doing things that they want to. Exploring a passion, satisfying a hobby or focusing on school are usually done in a tunnel-visioned manner. This is great as people who do this do what they enjoy but are also open to new experiences. However, these people usually need a bit of a push to try new things.

Second, students who live in a relaxing way often need to focus on time management more. This is because being relaxed can become a faćade for missed opportunities. People who focus on a few things too much such as school work may miss out on experiences that they will never be able to find after they graduate uni.

Third, students who will probably stay around the same type of people. Most people do this where they have a close group of friends to support them and share happy moments. This is a great way to spend your uni days as you will be able to spend a lifetime with the people you spent toiling away at assignments and exams for several years. However, meeting new people shouldn’t be a chore and should be welcomed from time to time as they could possibly provide you with substantive connections.

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