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London Series: Eggs

Eggs are a basic ingredient in the cuisine of various cultures. This means that they are incredibly versatile for cooking. This shows that eggs are an easy ingredient to cook multiple recipes with. Buying eggs will help students live a… Read More ›

London Series: Milk

Milk is considered a staple in student cuisine as it primarily serves as a quick shot of energy or a temporary stomach filler. However, these roles it plays and the possibility of different cooking methods to involve it should not… Read More ›

London Series: Pasta

Pasta is a more difficult ingredient to cook as it definitely requires much more work to make very delicious. However, pasta itself contains a high amount of carbs which will fill a student’s empty stomach. Combine that with its relatively… Read More ›

London Series: Food

Hey all! After last month’s collaboration with PPI London we would like to thank all you readers for the support we’ve received! This week we’ll be discussing a much more toned down topic; food. Finding food is incredibly important for… Read More ›