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London Series: Five Guys

Five Guys is one of the most famous burger fast food restaurants in the UK. Their delicious and generously portioned burgers are definitely a must try if you have the money to spend. However, like most burger restaurants their expertise… Read More ›

London Series: Shake Shack

Shake Shack is notoriously one of the finest fast food burger restaurants in the UK. Offering great quality, ample portions at a relatively reasonable price, it is the favourite of many students to quell their hunger. This restaurant is famous… Read More ›

London Series: Nando’s

Nando’s might be the most famous UK fast food restaurant and probably its favourite chicken outlet. Famous for its peri-peri sauces and cheap but delicious chicken, Nando’s is definitely a name that comes up during meal planning conversations. Those people… Read More ›

London Series: McDonalds

Anyone reading this might thank that a review on McDonalds is unnecessary, that everyone already has their go to items that they always order. Whether it be a burger, another kind of sandwich or just some fries, McDoanlds’ menu is… Read More ›

London Series: Salad

Salads might not seem to fall under the category of instant food as its relatively unprocessed and requires little to no further cooking. However, the fact that it can be instantly consumed might point to the fact that it can… Read More ›

London Series: Soup

Soup is perfectly tailored for the cold winter nights of London. Holing up in your room to escape the outside chills is worth being accompanied by a bowl of soup. However, it might be a bit complicated to actually make… Read More ›