London series: Breakfast

Breakfast is a very straightforward pre-class essential for uni. Its literally useful for having energy when you start your day. This is important because in-class lectures shouldn’t be underestimated. They could drain your energy inconspicuously and you’ll be left starving by noon with 2 more classes to go.

A typical uni student breakfast doesn’t have to have all the essentials of a healthy diet. In fact, a simple yet enjoyable, filling and easily eaten breakfast is usually of preference for uni students. Quick meals such as oats, sandwiches or eggs are popular breakfast choices for students who strive to stay energised in the morning. This is because those meals can usually be added to with condiments such as peanut butter, fruits or sausages to help fill you app. In addition, uni halls usually provide breakfast for students. These breakfasts are usually made up of common English breakfast cuisine. Here you’ll find yourself eating fish, beans, toast, pastries, eggs and sausages with drinks such as tea, juice or regular water on a daily basis.

Breakfast might not be the most essential for uni students who can survive on an empty stomach. However, it is important to note that even as a student your health should take precedence before fitting in all sorts of agendas within your daily schedule. A healthy lifestyle will breed a healthy student that’ll ultimately gain both academic success and maintenance of your personal well-being.

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