London series: Seminars

Seminars are probably the most important type of class that a uni student takes. Seminars are usually made up of classes that are taken from the division of the entire pool of students who take a certain module. These students are then assigned a tutor per class to guide them during the seminars. The activities students partake in are usually more practical as assignments, presentations and discussions are facilitated better in smaller groups. This allows students to test their understanding of the subject while having a tutor to help guide them correctly.

You probably shouldn’t miss seminars as there are some important elements this class has. First, seminars do take attendance. Having an insufficient level of attendance could have certain repercussions to your uni life. Second, seminars usually involve group activities. Not participating in group activities will impact the people within your group and the relationship you have with them. Burning bridges in uni life is a very risky game to play as everyone needs help to survive. So in regards to ensuring your graduation, going to seminars is a crucial thing to do.

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