London series: Practicals

Practicals are not always their own type of class. Practicals could also refer to practical examinations such as presentations or debates held within seminars. For natural science related subjects, practicals could also refer to experiments outside of laboratory work. These classes are more crucial to your grades instead of learning itself due to the uncertainty of your future and the specialisation taught in these classes. Nevertheless, to keep progressing in your uni life practicals are an essential class for you to always attend.

Not attending practicals could pose a problem. The grading of the tasks done in these classes are usually inflexible and are a one time offer. If you miss these assessments the implications towards your final grade could be severe and you might have to end up repeating a year. Also, during assessments such as presentations and debates. Its important to attend as you’ll be listening to your classmates speak. This has many benefits but ultimately is most useful for bonding. You’ll be able to strengthen your connections with other people to have them available to assist you during your life in uni.

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