London series: Assignments

Assignments in class are usually assignments that were given to students in advance so the entire class can discuss the answer. As a result, the first step of properly immersing yourself in completing these assignments is actually doing them beforehand. Then you should prepare them for the class and have your answers written in detail to contribute to the discussion. This is a particularly useful teaching mechanism tutors often use and you should expect to see them in uni.

As these assignments are meant for discussions, listening to other answers is a great way to make the best of them. You can write down notes of what other people think on blank spaces on your worksheet. In particular, a common occurrence is revision where apparently your answer is incorrect. A great way to revise an incorrect answer is to keep your original answer untouched while noting down the correct answer next to it. This is helpful as you can see the faults in your thinking and why you didn’t reach the correct answer.

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