London series: Discussions

Discussions are usually centred around a task or presentation but sometimes tutors moderate a discussion for students to have within class. This might come in forms such as an open forum or debates. Either way, these discussions might not have a significant impact on your grades but will allow you to understand the material better. This is done through the active exchange of perspectives and ideas you will experience when engaging in discussions.

However, speaking during discussions might not be necessary. As valuable as speaking is, listening might be the more important skill needed during discussions. For those of you who can’t be bothered to state their opinion or even think, paying close attention to what other students say will be a valuable yet comfortable experience for you. This can be done by casually sitting around without taking notes but seriously listening to what other students are saying. By doing this, you might not be able to establish a reliable bank of information but feel out the lines of thinking your classmates display. This will allow you to understand different ways of thinking and implement them on your own to view things through different perspectives.

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