London series: Essay Ideas

Essay ideas is a very vague concept to discuss. This very vagueness is what makes writing essays an interesting journey as you can take your essay on any narrative you desire. However, for the sake of this article, we will be discussing two easy processes to come up with essay ideas; rationalising evidence and succumbing to evidence.

The first process, rationalising evidence is probably the easiest way to come up with ideas. All you have to do is use your own knowledge of the subject and make up a fantasy stance towards it. If you have sufficient knowledge of the subject then it will make the research process much easier. For example, if you are given an assignment to write an essay on the political dimensions of the Covid-19 pandemic you’d probably already have your own knowledge of the subject. Say for example you took a stance that it was not politicised, what you’d do is only use evidence stating so or use excerpts of evidence which you would further extrapolate to plead your case. This way you would not have to revise your original stance and can deliver powerful arguments.

The second process in coming up with essay ideas is succumbing to evidence. This process will take multiple revisions on the essay in general as you might have to change your original stance. Anyway to use this process in coming up with essay ideas what you need to initially establish are the specific elements of a topic you want to discuss. For example, when discussing the politicisation of the Covid-19 pandemic you might want to narrow the topic to elections are discrediting certain political parties. This way you’ll know what data to research. After that, you will have to find the relevant data and from there build your arguments.

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