London Specials: Course, Show That You Know (English)

Knowing what your specific course in the particular uni you’re gunning for is integral in getting in. Doing research prior to writing your personal statement is a must to be able to advertise yourself in a way that is attractive to the uni you’re applying to. This can be done in several ways. These explanations will be a brief overview of some of the things that will be discussed further along in the week

Field of Study

Knowing what your course teaches is probably a given but knowing how to connect this to what you have learned so far in the entirety of your life is just as important. Knowing what elements of the field of study your course focuses on will be a plus point for you to be able to show how compatible you are for the course. For example, a political science course in UCL could gravitate towards political substance. Showing an affinity towards political substance through your knowledge of current political events would increase your chances of getting into UCL rather than political courses in unis who value research methodology in their teaching.

Course Structure

Being able to appeal to the way the course teaches the field of study further adds to your competitiveness. To be able to show how you will be able to learn from the courses mechanisms will show you have larger potential than other candidates and shows your ability to apply critical thinking. For instance, a uni with a course structure heavily implementing the usage of seminars for their teaching would appeal to a student who a showcases their ability to hold discussions and work in teams.

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