London Specials: Academics, Let it Out (English)

Personal statements are essays that are meant for students to show who they are. An important part of putting yourself out there for unis to judge is your understanding of academic knowledge. This is best done through showing how the things that you’ve learned so far can be implemented or relate to real life. This will allow you to show your knowledge and your distinct thinking that will ultimately package you into an attractive candidate for admission.


Being observant of reality is the first step to expressing yourself through academic knowledge. This allows you to draw upon any problems, marvels or notable facets of reality and discuss them with proper academic conduct. This allows you to showcase your understanding of academic knowledge on a higher level as you are able to take the words within a textbook and line reality with its meaning.

This can be done through explaining real world events with academic knowledge and stating your opinion on it. For example, in this example the improvement of education across a country is likened to the enlightenment. This showcases an awareness of the real world, understanding of a specific topic within a specific subject and the ability to formulate an opinion that can change the world.


Providing a solution of a real world problem using academic knowledge is the next step after showcasing your observations. This helps you show that you can bring more to the table when equipped knowledge.

For instance, in this example tourism is discussed through economic theory. Here common conversations are shown to be a reference for an economic revolution through the better marketing of Indonesia’s tourism. This shows that you are able to pinpoint a certain solution to a specific problem with an academic line of thinking.

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