London Specials: Living Cost, Set Your Budget (English)

Living in the UK is an expensive endeavour that most students you should be prepared to undertake. This should fall under your calculations when you are deciding on where to go to uni. There are several things that you can consider to be able to plan how much you are going to spend on uni.


As previously discussed, the location of the uni heavily influences the living cost of your uni life. From food to housing everything will be affected in terms of price. It’s important to note how much a city, town or village costs to live in to be able to plan out your expenses throughout uni life.


Courses in the UK do not all cost the same. Generally, courses in the natural sciences (generally in the 30000 pounds a year range) cost exponentially more than the social sciences (20000 pounds a year range) as they require extra equipment for activities such as lab practicals. This should a main consideration as going to school in the UK is not cheap and should be a reminder to seize this opportunity by the throat.


This really depends on what kind of life you want to live. A student can splurge and explore the full extent of what the UK has to offer through activities such as travelling, culinary exploration or clubbing. On the other hand, a student can completely focus on their uni life and not spend much money on leisure to be able to procure their basic necessities while enjoying recreational activities friendly to lower budgets. However, it is entirely possible for students to balance the two and seek a lifestyle in both worlds by managing money correctly.


Receiving scholarships for undergrad courses in the UK is rather tricky as there aren’t much available and it is relatively competitive. However, if you can receive one it would help incredibly. For example, UCL’s Denys Holland scholarship open for any type of applicant who finds it difficult to pay for an education at UCL. These types of scholarships can be found directly on the websites universities.

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