London Series: Kings Education for Foundation, Foundation Program Favorit untuk Murid Internasional (English)

Foundation Programs are primarily targeted for international students who did not study a curriculum which awards grades accepted for admission into UK unis such as IB or A-Levels. These program are set up by universities and other education institutions who wish to assist international students to study in the UK. As a result, you will primarily befriend international students who are from asian countries, the middle-eastern countries and some European countries such as Russia and Ukraine. You will also find students who preferred taking foundation courses as opposed to conventional international high-school curriculums. 

Indonesian students who opt into attending foundation programs are usually graduates of high-schools that teach the national curriculum and don’t mind spending an extra year studying for grades before the typically 3-year UK university course that awaits them. Furthermore, some foundation programs award grades that also allow admission into UK foreign universities such as US universities.

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Kings Education Advanced Level Foundation


Kings Education Advanced Level Foundation is a 1 year course which helps international students who want to apply to UK unis achieve grades that are admissible. These courses are run in colleges in cities such as Oxford, Brighton and London where students can apply to whichever college they like. Students choose to learn 3 subjects out of 5 choices and are placed into small classes of 8-12 students. This is beneficial as teachers can fully grasp each individual student’s circumstances at any given time and students will generally become more connected with each other.

Furthermore, Accommodation is also provided by the college where the first and second floors are classes and the third and fourth floor are rooms for students to live in (Location in Brighton).  Also, The environment within this program is generally supportive and pleasant from the teaching staff and students, plus students are able to partake in activities outside the college.

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Core Teaching Principle

In this program, the teaching staff emphasises a necessity of independence within a student’s academic life. This is shown in how tutors give minimal guidance when students are completing assignments. As a result, a student develops a mindset which will be essential in uni life. For example, taking notes, understanding texts and writing essays will be taught with minimal assistance but with an appropriate amount of supervision. This allows students to work both on skills involving the task at hand and their ability to develop on their own.

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Progression Rate

In terms of progression rate, this program is highly reputable and receives offers from many top unis. This is achievable as the program provides intensive assistance to students during the application process and most unis acknowledge the credibility of the program. Firstly, the program offers assistance in the form of personal tutor sessions every week focusing on UCAS preparation. These sessions discuss matters such as university choice advice and assistance in writing personal statements. Besides these sessions, the program also provides students with letter of recommendations and help with IELTS grades. Furthermore, the reputation of this program is very reliable and is very successful in admitting students to most unis in the UK. Many top unis such as Durham, LSE, Warwick and Kings admit students of this program. On average, most students receive offers from all five choices on UCAS. However, admittance into Oxbridge is not a possibility.

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