London Series: KCL for Law, Universitas denagan Jurusan Hukum Kelas Dunia di Inggris (English)

Studying Law will expose students to a subject that encompasses various different facets of human life in fields such as finance law or family law. These legal equivalents of normal human life should be viewed with the presence of humanity as matters regarding the subject ultimately determine people’s welfare.

In a global city such as London, the study of law is perfectly complemented by the city’s legal sector and its vast opportunities. In attempt to facilitate such academic endeavours, it also offers several choices of unis that equip aspiring-law practitioners with high quality education. The unis that will be discussed are UCL, LSE, KCL and Queen Mary University of London.

This video was taken from KCL Law on

King’s College London


King’s College London’s Law course held in the Dickson Poon School of Law is extremely reputable within the UK and rivals other top courses such as Oxbridge and UCL. Studying Law at king’s comes with various challenges and benefits that other universities cannot provide.

Special Quality

KCL Law is interesting due to its teaching of law itself. KCL Law is able to keep learning Law interesting as it highlights the storytelling side of the subject. It is challenging in analysing the precedent to ascertain a concrete timeline of cause and effect and synthesising those facts with theoretical knowledge to argue a case within the legal boundaries set in the specific circumstances. This arduous task of analysis and synthesis is extremely painstaking due to the amount of reading and meticulousness needed. However, it is also an extremely interesting task as the student is in near full control of the outcome and when the outcome goes in the favour of the student the satisfaction is unparalelled.

The Dickson Poon School of Law, photo by Kings College London

Preparation for Work

KCL Law is extremely competent in its classroom teaching. The education that KCL Law offers is structured within the standardised mould of most UK Law courses but with increased quality in its teaching. KCL Law is able to prepare students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge for legal careers such as being solicitors or barristers. Also, the knowledge taught in KCL Law classrooms can be built upon for careers outside of law such as consulting or finance.


King’s Law is relatively intense depending on a student’s learning habit. King’s Law is a notoriously challenging course and most of a student’s study time is spent completing reading. Doing the reading will prove to be very beneficial but students are not necessarily expected to read it to absolute completion. As a result, a King’s Law student’s study time really does depend on a student’s commitment and can range from 3-10 hours per day. Also, student interaction is healthily competitive. Students are competitive to a degree which is constructive in each other’s development.

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