London Series: KCL for Accounting and Finance, Jurusan Accounting and Finance ternama di Inggris (English)

Finance and Accounting is a very sought after course within the UK as there are various universities which offer good programs regarding that field of study. Notable Finance and Accounting courses in London can be found at LSE, Brunel and KCL.

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King’s College London


King’s is well-known to have a top-quality Accounting and Finance course that is sought after by many aspiring applicants each year. King’s famously teaches up to date financial knowledge incorporating technological innovations and real-life financial trends.

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Special Quality

Studying Accounting and Finance at King’s is special experience as its teaching is incredibly broad. This course at King’s offers students to explore various different career paths at a high-level of education. For example, offers modules that teach financial management and business law. These modules can lead to very different careers within finance and are both available to study for King’s students in the same course. This is extremely helpful as it gives students more options with a high standard of education.

Preparation for Work

King’s prepares its students for work as it integrates modern day innovations into its curriculum. King’s is incredibly aware to the changes that happen in the finance industry and want to expose students to it as quickly as possible to better prepare them for the future. For example, King’s integrates algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence into their lessons to allow students to learn the modern tools of workers in the finance industry. Coupled with a research-oriented approach, King’s helps students accustom themselves to typical professional techniques in the business world.


Accounting and Finance at King’s can be quite intense but is overall quite manageable. In total, 10 hours of a student’s week could be spent in the classroom along with a considerable amount of extra hours for self study. Also, the student interaction is generally quite friendly where students encourage and assist each other to improve.

In general, King’s is a great choice to take Accounting and Finance. It is one of the top courses in the UK because it has such a high-quality teaching staff teaching a curriculum which is primed to prepare students for the modern finance industry.


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