London Series: SOAS for Politics, Universitas dengan Jurusan Politik Terspesialisasi di London (English)

The UK is well-known for offering notable political science based degrees such as Politics, International Relations, PPE and more. The unis of London that are noteworthy within this field of study are KCL, LSE, SOAS and Queen Mary.

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SOAS is known to be a very niche university which specialises in fields concerning Oriental and African areas. This has given a SOAS a strong reputation in terms of political science based subjects as that field of study in those areas are unique to the rest of the world and even amongst themselves.

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Special Quality

Studying politics at SOAS leaves a lasting impression as it is very specialised. SOAS’ curriculum is structured to focus on European and Middle Eastern areas which give several benefits. First, its focus on the aforementioned areas means that its teachings are very thorough. This is seen forms such as in-depth analysis of politics and international relations in those areas and updated information regarding the field.

Also, the philosophy that becomes the basis for the education that it delivers aligns with the reality of the history of those areas. A prime example of this is SOAS’ formal commitment to delivering a decolonising agenda. This shows a reparative and proactive stance that SOAS takes in response to the history of those areas.

Furthermore, SOAS deepens this specialisation in its facilitation of societies and clubs within the uni environment. These organisation serve to provide opportunities to students who wish to further indulge themselves in any field of study that interests them.

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Preparation for Work

SOAS offers guidance regarding future careers in a variety of ways. Foremost, SOAS Careers Service assists students in different ways. For example, the careers service newsletter notifies students of job opportunities,

Also, SOAS exposes students to the professional world with events outside of the classroom. For instance, SOAS holds lectures by politicians from organisations such as the United Nations and European Union.


SOAS is can be quite intense in terms of student interactions in the classroom. Debates and discussions within lectures or seminars regarding history or current affairs are a frequent occurrence. This is shows that SOAS encourages students to think critically and voice their opinion. However, in terms of socialising SOAS provides a relaxed environment which is aided by their various societies that increase the bond between students. SOAS Politics contact hours are quite standard with 10-12 hours classes per week for a first year.

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