London Series: KCL for Political Economy, Jurusan Political Science Menarik di Kuliah Kelas Dunia (English)

The UK is well-known for offering notable political science based degrees such as Politics, International Relations, PPE and more. The unis of London that are noteworthy within this field of study are KCL, LSE, SOAS and Queen Mary.

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King’s is known to provide some of the world’s leading programs in terms of political science. Although there are a wide variety of popular choices such as International Relations and Politics, Political Economy at King’s is an interesting option for many students seeking a career in the political and economic sector.

Special Quality

The teaching staff at King’s employ a creative and engaging pedagogy useful in presenting topics in a way that students will find easier to relate with. This type of teaching is particularly useful during the initial stages of uni. For example, the teaching staff at King’s were able to help ease students into the political philosophy class by using Game of Thrones as a reference. This was seen during the teaching of the topic sovereignty which was compared to Daenerys Targaryen, a protagonist of the show, conquering the 7 kingdoms within the show. This was incredibly effective as an introductory lesson as the students were familiar with the aforementioned events of the show and were able to recognise elements of sovereignty fairly easily.

Preparation for Work

King’s offers a wide range of career support which is concentrated to outside of their classrooms. First, King’s has a career and employability website which connects students with professional opportunities. This website catalogues job and internship opportunities for students to choose from along with insight opportunities for the Department of Political Economy. Also, King’s offers a wide range of societies for students to participate in. These societies are able to connect students with companies who are willing to offer work opportunities.


Studying Political Economy at King’s is relatively manageable but requires a certain extent of independent learning. First, contact hours generally take around 9-10 hours a week. This generally leaves an ample amount of time for students to pursue their personal endeavours quite comfortably. Furthermore, students are expected to spend a lot of their time for self-studying. For example, reading is expected to be done prior to classes as they generally essential in understanding the material taught. Also, students are generally competitive in a constructive manner. Classes in Political Economy are usually filled with debates between students when discussing certain subjects. These debates are quite fun as they do not only allow students to train their critical thinking and analysis skills, but also exposes the individual student to different kinds of viewpoints.

Overall, Political Economy at King’s is an incredible choice for students who are interested in a program that teaches a fundamental part of modern society in an engaging way.

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