London Series: UCL for Architecture, Program Arsitektur Terbaik di Dunia (English)

London is known to house a mixture of different architecture styles inherited from separate eras in the city’s history. This rich architectural heritage becomes the setting for one of the world’s greatest Architecture courses in academia proudly hosted by UCL.

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University College London


UCL is known to have one of the best Architecture courses in the entire planet and for good measure. This is because students and faculty members coexist in one of the most uniquely run courses in the world.

The Bartlett School of Architecture, photo by University College London from

Special Quality

Architecture at UCL places an emphasis on the creative side of architecture. This course gives precedence to the creativity and philosophy over the precise calculations of the design. For example, the curriculum of this course holds off on giving students a building project until their fourth project. The time before their fourth project is spent focusing on analysing a building and creating a conceptual model on possibilities such as analysing the threshold between spaces. This shows that UCL wants their students to have a clear approach to architecture, to hold the meaning of the design in significance. The way they promote creativity and expression shows their dedication to this philosophy.

Bartlett School of Architecture Classroom, photo by Bartlett School of Architecture from

Preparation for Work

Architecture at UCL helps students to prepare for their careers by polishing their communication skills. First, the curriculum in this course is more personal. Instead of being more lecture-oriented, the teaching on this course heavily involves meetings with tutors for discussion of ideas and guidance. Also, this course holds sessions called crits. These sessions are for students to present their ideas and will be publicly criticised. These two mechanisms in this course are extremely helpful as it teaches students how to effectively communicate, receive criticism and receive guidance. This is absolutely important for students to learn as communication is an integral skill for an architect and these skills will help them improve greatly as a prospective architect during this course.


This course can be considered very competitive for the benefit of the student. First, students within this course are very competitive. This is due to the elite talent pool of the cohort where the standard of quality is extremely high. However, this is beneficial for the growth of each student as students are forced to learn from each other and ultimately grow together. In terms of class contact hours, this course is rather unique where there are minimal contact hours. Lectures are generally held in term 1 and in term 2 and 3 most contact hours consist of tutorials which are an hour per week. Although this might seem to give students a massive amount of free time, their time is actually filled with nonstop projects and individual study.

Overall, Architecture at UCL is an amazing option for a student who wishes to focus on the conceptual side of architecture and is suitable for a primarily independent form of teaching.

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