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The equipment you need for class is really important for you to prepare beforehand. Cases of having to run back home to get a forgotten book or tool is quite common for university students who have to juggle several modules and extracurricular activities. This happens frequently as some universities still use printed booklets for learning as opposed to fully digitised learning resources, so sometimes you might have to bring 5 books a day which could get confusing. Anyway, the top two three things you would probably have to prepare is any booklets/reading, worksheets and note-taking impedimenta.

First, booklets/readings are important to remember to bring. If your class requires you to bring them anything you do would probably revolve around them and sharing a booklet is inconvenient, unless you’re doing it to socialise with other students. However, not bringing them would force you to ask for notes from other students and you would probably not have as much leeway to write whatever you want on someone else’s booklet.

Second, worksheets are important for more social purposes. This is because you would probably be publicly shamed for not bringing yours by a stricter lecturer and that is quite undesirable. Bringing them would also help you understand the material personally as any answers or mistakes you make individually can be corrected during class.

Third, note-taking utensils are very important for you to bring. Lectures in London universities are quite important as most of the knowledge you need is delivered verbally by the lecturer. This requires you to either memorise on first hearing or bring up the lecturer’s powerpoint that they have shared and add additional notes on the slides. For note-taking, Ipads or other tablets are usually the most convenient as they are light to bring and are versatile allowing you to type (with a case) or write (with a digital pencil).

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