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Through its Entrepreneurship page, PPI London is able to provide goods and services for students in London. What PPI London’s Entrepreneurship division has to offer is not only diverse but high quality as it is community driven. Keeping these services and goods in mind is a great idea as they’re specifically tailored for Indonesian students by Indonesian students.

This account of PPI London is provided by Enzo Cakranegara, a third year BSc Business Management (Marketing) student at the Middlesex University and a staff member of the PPI London 2020/2021 Entrepreneurship Division , and Hugo Hutapea, a second year Bsc Digital Culture student at King’s College London and a staff member of the PPI London 2020/2021 Entrepreneurship Division.

  • PPI Akomodasi
    • PPI Akomodasi is an accommodation finding service for students. This allows students who aren’t in London to be able to secure an accommodation for whenever they’re planning on arriving. This service offers research and viewing on accommodation.
  • PPI Jastip
    • PPI Jastip allows individuals to have any goods they want to buy be bought and delivered to them when they are in a different country. This service is run by the friendly members of PPI London is guaranteed to be a smooth-sailing shopping experience.
  • PPI Merchandise
    • PPI Merchandise allows you to stay up to date with the latest releases of merch by PPI London. Merchandise designs are done in batches with different designs and concepts designed by the members of PPI London.
  • SurpMe
    • SurpMe is a service from PPI London that allows you to surprise anyone you want anywhere they are. This is especially great for loved ones, friends or partners who are currently separated by distance to show affection and appreciation towards each other.
  • EssayTutor
    • EssayTutor is a service where struggling Indonesian students can learn about the ‘how-tos’ of essay-writing in a UK university and even their personal statement. This service allows for possible improvement in grades, a guaranteed adaptation to the UK writing style, and will be provided by experienced Indonesian UK university students.
  • Warung London
    • Warung London brings the Indonesian food that Indonesians in London miss so much right to their front door. The service includes a range of Bakmie alongside other popular Inodonesians dishes and a free delivery that will be sent to one’s location at their convenience.
  • Anter-Jemput
    • Anter-Jemput by PPI London provides a riding experience similar to your favorite Indonesian driver. It is the first-ever Indonesian-driven XL class pickup service that features the Range Rover Evoque as its main vehicle with a price that is fairly cheap in comparison to similar car models (and driver convenience). 

 For more information feel free to contact PPI London through the following channels:

Email:  info@konsultanpendidikan.com

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