London series: Revision

Revision might not be classified as in-class note taking but additional notes can be taken during your independent studying time. This is because students often find new pieces of information about the lesson that they were previously oblivious to after giving it some thought. The additional information is recorded as notes on top of your existing notes and will help you understand the material better. Additionally, this becomes more effective in UK unis as the lectures are recorded and you could add to them if you’d like.

During revision, its always important to write summaries if you have the time and energy. Summaries are usually a great way to help memorise and understand the material as you are actively processing the information. During the writing of summaries, there are probably additional bits of information that you find out and would like to add to your summary. This is sometimes a problem so a good way to write a summary is digitally. The best media to write a digital summary on is a tablet application such as Notes or Notability which allows you to edit your notes and add to them without disrupting them. This way you can always add to your notes and present them in a structured manner.

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