London series: Presentations

Those of you reading this are probably familiar with presentations and the presentations in university are not much different from what you have probably done. However, there are some tips worth mentioning when doing or listening to presentations in university.

First, when doing presentations remember to keep what you deliver concise. This goes for both the writing on your presentation slides and what you verbally communicate. This way your classmates will be able to understand you better without boring them. More importantly, your tutor will be able to follow your line of thinking more clearly. This is especially important as analysis is a huge part of studying overall in uni. If your analysis is delivered inaccurately your grades might suffer as a result.

Second, when listening to presentations you probably don’t need to do anything. You probably won’t need to even listen. As most presentations are beneficial to the presenter, members of the audience don’t need to concern themselves with how other presentations go. All you need to do is to make sure is that you’re respectful of the presenter to let them do what they must.

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