London Series: UCL for Law, Universitas Hukum Nomor 1 di London (English)

Studying Law will expose students to a subject that encompasses various different facets of human life in fields such as finance law or family law. These legal equivalents of normal human life should be viewed with the presence of humanity as matters regarding the subject ultimately determine people’s welfare.

In a global city such as London, the study of law is perfectly complemented by the city’s legal sector and its vast opportunities. In an attempt to facilitate such academic endeavours, it also offers several choices of unis that equip aspiring-law practitioners with high quality education. The unis that will be discussed are UCL, LSE, KCL and Queen Mary University of London.

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University College London


UCL’s Law program is widely regarded as one of the best in the whole of the UK and the whole world. They boast one of the lowest admission rates and a high-quality teaching staff to educate their students. This account of University College London is provided for Flora Chung, a second year student Law student of the institution. 

UCL Bentham House for the Faculty of Laws, photo by Gnesener1900 from,_UCL.jpg

Special Quality

Amongst its many advantages in teaching law, a particular strength of UCL Law lies in its extracurricular events. Primarily, UCL’s law society takes a very active role in arranging a wide range of activities for its students’ future careers. For example, the Law society has career events every Monday which hosts scheduled visits from top law firms and networking events. A notable presentation Flora recalls was one by Weil Gotshal and Manges. This firm emphasised their extra activities beyond commercial legal practice such as fulfilling their social responsibilies and promoting diversity programs. For example, they presented their involvement in supporting students of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, PALS and PENCILS program in exposing young adults to career opportunities in the legal professional world. These events alternate their focus on careers as barristers and solicitors so all students receive an even level of support.

Also, UCL’s Law Society holds socials to strengthen the bond between students within the faculty. The Law society holds many balls or socials such as a 2 week law student only Freshers Fortnight which helped Flora build relationships with her fellow peers.

UCL Moot Court, photo by University College London from

Preparation for Work

UCL is able to prepare their students for work with a mixture of in and out of classroom benefits. For starters, UCL’s teaching staff is world class consisting of leading experts in the field that give insightful tutorials and lectures which are able to encourage debate and critical thinking. For instance, Flora’s tutor in her Public Law module was able to teach her an efficient way of analysing a case. This involved analysing a case from back to front where the conclusion is read beforehand and linked to the paragraphs above it in order to find the final decision of the case. Then the judges decision is discussed. This helped Flora gain a new technique to analyse cases more efficiently and practice a skill used in real life legal practice.

Furthermore, the Law society takes a massive role in connecting students with the professional world. Besides the career and social events previously mentioned, the UCL Law Society provides amazing career support in other forms. For example, the mentorship program they host is helpful in helping students secure internships/schemes.


UCL Law’s intensity level is quite high but it is an enjoyable experience. Flora notes that although the course is fast-paced and challenging, curricular and extracurricular activities involving the course are varied, interesting and stimulating. However, she also  expresses that a notable downside is the amount of reading that is demanded for every lecture and tutorial.

In general, UCL Law is an incredible option for any law student. Their Law Society can provide an amazing social and professionally preparatory experience while their in class lessons prove to keep a student engaged and stimulated.

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