London Series: LSE for Law, Jurusan Hukum dalam Salah Satu Universitas Terbaik di Dunia (English)

Studying Law will expose students to a subject that encompasses various different facets of human life in fields such as finance law or family law. These legal equivalents of normal human life should be viewed with the presence of humanity as matters regarding the subject ultimately determine people’s welfare.

In a global city such as London, the study of law is perfectly complemented by the city’s legal sector and its vast opportunities. In an attempt to facilitate such academic endeavours, it also offers several choices of unis that equip aspiring-law practitioners with high quality education. The unis that will be discussed are UCL, LSE, KCL and Queen Mary University of London.

London School of Economics and Political Science


LSE is known as one of the best universities in the world when it comes to subjects based in the humanities, and law is no exception. An extremely low admissions rate and a law faculty known throughout the country, LSE Law is a well-renowned course.

Special Quality

LSE Law gives excellent support to its students. LSE Law, like any other law course, can be a very intense and stressful course, especially since LSE Law is academically rigorous. To alleviate the burdens it places on students, LSE provides a wide range of support. For example, students are assigned an academic mentor and a personal wellbeing mentor who they can turn to when they experience difficulties both personally and academically. This is incredibly helpful as it shows that students are being well taken care of and they can focus on preparing themselves for the future with less burdens to bear.

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Preparation for Work

Within LSE Law students are exposed to opportunities that will be beneficial for the career from the department and their cohort. Firstly, the department and Law Society are extremely influential in helping students connect with the professional world. For example, in November of 2019 the LSE Law Society held an event called the Know the City legal forum. Events such as this are in abundance throughout the year for LSE students and extremely useful in getting in touch with barristers’ chambers and law firms.

Also, the student body pushes each other to become higher achievers outside of the classroom.There is a strong Linkedin culture where students are expected to post what internship or leadership positions they get selected for. This is beneficial in both pushing students to become more proactive and improve their qualifications. Also, this level of competition is complemented by the aforementioned extensive student support to ensure that students are indulging in this culture healthily.


LSE Law’s intensity varies depending on a student’s personal ambitions. there are ways for students to clear up time. For example, as lectures are recorded and an extensive amount of further reading is optional, students are able to select how much work they can do. Also, contact hours in a day are of a rational amount at around 6 hours a day.

Overall, LSE Law is a great choice for a student who wants to pursue their academic ambitions in a supported environment. It can also push students to work harder in terms of extracurricular positions and is definitely reliable in securing a job in the future. 

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