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Studying Law will expose students to a subject that encompasses various different facets of human life in fields such as finance law or family law. These legal equivalents of normal human life should be viewed with the presence of humanity as matters regarding the subject ultimately determine people’s welfare.

In a global city such as London, the study of law is perfectly complemented by the city’s legal sector and its vast opportunities. In attempt to facilitate such academic endeavours, it also offers several choices of unis that equip aspiring-law practitioners with high quality education. The unis that will be discussed are UCL, LSE, KCL and Queen Mary University of London.

Queen Mary University of London


Although its reputation may not be as stellar as UCL or Oxbridge in the UK, Queen Mary’s Law school deserves to be regarded amongst the best law schools in London. This account of Queen Mary University of London Law School is Provided by Zania R. Putri, a second year Law student of the institution. 

Special Quality

Coincidentally, Queen Mary’s main strength also ties in its preparing students for work. Firstly, the university has strong connections with the professional legal world. This can be shown within the Queen Mary law club Zania participates in as Head of Marketing which is partnered with 50+ law firms and 10+ banks and are very helpful in networking and securing a profession overall. 

Also, Queen Mary provides many placement opportunities at law firms’ pro bono offices. Last year, Zania did her placement at Dentons Pro Bono Clinic as a pro bono assistant. Dentons is a highly regarded law firm and this shows Queen Mary’s ability to assist students in putting theory into practice and increasing the value of a student’s accumulated qualifications. To further add to that, this year she will be working at Queen Mary’s Legal Advice Centre as a legal advisor. This shows that Queen Mary is able to guarantee opportunities as Zania was able to secure one in her second year and the quality of those opportunities are consistently of high quality. Overall, Queen Mary shows great strength in offering students opportunities to learn beyond the classroom which helps them enhance their theoretical understanding, practical capabilities and attractiveness as prospective employees.


Queen Mary Law School is quite intense as most law schools are. Firstly, the competition between students is quite intense depending on a student’s career choice. For Zania, Queen Mary Law School is quite intense as she is pursuing a career in commercial law. On the other hand, aspiring to become a solicitor comes with less intense competitiveness. Even so, Zania claims to have found good friends within this competitive setting and believes that this atmosphere is more constructive than destructive.

Also, due to the nature of the legal professional world, a career as a lawyer requires a 2:1. In Queen Mary it is relatively difficult to achieve, but doable. 

However, studying law at Queen Mary is very reasonable due to its several flexibilities. First, Queen Mary Law School offers Law in combination with another course such as Business or Politics. This is beneficial to students who are not as committed to the intensity of studying law on its own or who simply wish to branch out and explore other fields of study.

Also, Queen Mary provides excellent student support. Queen Mary provides a wide range of support from academic to personal from their academic advisors, tutors, head of faculty, mental therapist and career advisor.

Moving on, Queen Mary usually requires 6-10 hours of commitment every uni day and 12-17 once exams start. Although this may seem quite intense it still leaves students with time to indulge in extracurricular activities such as the aforementioned placements or competitions in mooting and negotiations. 

Overall, Queen Mary Law School is a very good practical university that focuses its strengths outside the classroom coupled with strong support from the university. Even so, grades should be maintained as the legal professional world is cutthroat in its recruitment. So if your preference is a more practical and supportive academic experience then Queen Mary is definitely a good shout.

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