London Series: QMUL for International Relations, Universitas Hubungan Internasional dengan Keberagaman di Inggris (English)

The UK is well-known for offering notable political science based degrees such as Politics, International Relations, PPE and more. The unis of London that are noteworthy within this field of study are KCL, LSE, SOAS and Queen Mary.

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Queen Mary University of London


Queen Mary’s International Relations course offers a multidisciplinary and diverse experience due to its teaching and plural cohort. This account of Queen Mary University of London is provided by Michael Mere, a second year International Relations student of the institution.

Special Quality

Studying International Relations at Queen Mary is a unique experience due to its diverse student body. Michael notes that Queen Mary’s student body is filled with students from a wide range of backgrounds. For example, Michael recalls a class discussion he had regarding Christopher Columbus. The discussion revolved around a debate concerning educating children in the US about the atrocities Christopher Columbus committed. This caused debate within the classroom primarily between the Americans and Non-Americans. Michael felt that this was an impressionable experience as this problem was viewed from perspectives and viewpoints. 

Preparation for Work

Queen Mary provides an amazing learning environment in terms of research to help students prepare for the professional world. Firstly, Queen Mary lives up to its reputation as a Russell Group uni by priming their students to become accustomed to research. Michael shares that Queen Mary’s assignments are very research intensive. For example, in order to complete his assignment on US presidential campaigns, Michael had to use multiple chapters from 5 different academic books. This was a complete 180 to his highschool life where information from the internet was sufficient. This allowed Michael to adapt to academic research which is crucial in the professional world. Also, Michael notes that Queen Mary is extremely accommodating towards their students’ research. Michael rarely has to search for sources on his own as Queen Mary provides the majority for him. Queen Mary does this in a complete and efficient way as it is all accessible online on their website and is presented in a well-organised manner.


Queen Mary’s International Relations program is manageable and can become a fun experience. Firstly, Michael expresses his delight towards his cohort which has proven to be helpful at any given time. This is shown in their willingness to cooperate when studying and being supportive of each other. Also, Michael has proven that managing a healthy personal and academic life is very doable. He notes that after finishing his schoolwork there is plenty of free time and that well executed time management can lead to an enjoyable year.

Overall, Queen Mary can offer an insightful and enjoyable educational experience. They provide an international forum of discussion within their classroom and allows students breathing room in between their studies.

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