London Series: KCL for Medicine, Jurusan Biochemistry Sebagai Pelengkap Riset dalam Kedokteran (English)

The United Kingdom is a worldwide hub of medicinal excellence. Boasting an incredible workforce in the health sector, the NHS, and a country at the forefront of medicinal research, its academia is put in the spotlight and deservedly becomes highly reputable. This stellar image of the UK combined with a difficult entry process and renowned universities makes studying Medicine in the UK is regarded to be very prestigious. Universities that offer such courses are KCL and UCL.

King’s College London:


King’s offers a world class course in Biochemistry and is highly reputable in the UK. Student’s of this course are often exposed to the research-oriented side of medicine and will have a wide variety of career options upon completion of the course.

King’s College London Bush House, photo by King’s College London from

Special Quality:

Biochemistry at King’s is notable for its peer assisted teaching. This is executed by having senior students interact with their juniors to provide assistance in a wide variety of matters. Matters that are discussed in this teaching mechanism include topics, modules and student experiences. This is incredibly useful as senior students may be able to help their juniors in a way that the teaching staff cannot. From the academic to the personal side of uni life, the perspective of a student who had gone through similar things may be extremely insightful and comforting for a student currently going through the same motions.

King’s College London Library, photo by King’s College London from

Preparation for Work:

King’s is incredibly active in ensuring that their students are prepared and are exposed to the professional world. First, this course integrates soft-skills needed to have a successful career into their classroom curriculum. For example, a sizable portion of the academic year’s lectures are dedicated in training students to secure a job such as CV writing and interview skills. Also, the course frequently invites companies to both inform student’s about themselves and recruit. These visits often involve the companies explaining the working experience to be had in their company and may offer job or internship opportunities for selected students.


Biochemistry at King’s is relatively manageable. First, although contact hours may vary each week, they are relatively run at manageable pace and are complemented by small workshops/tutorials 2-3 times a week. Self-study is advised as 2-3 days of the week should be spent in the library and each day should have a portion dedicated to revision. Furthermore, student interaction in this course is generally quite cooperative especially in the first year since student’s learn different subjects to determine where their interests lie (part of the common year one program).

Overall, Biochemistry at King’s is a fantastic option for students interested in research surrounding medicine. It offers good professional exposure and a healthy learning atmosphere.

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