London Series: Amazon Prime, Streaming Lagu dan Film dengan Bonus Belanja(English)

Amazon on its own is a very handy application. It allows students to get whatever they want whenever they want, albeit sometimes at a higher price compared to going to a retail store and buying it. Amazon extends its features into the realm of streaming where Amazon Prime offers a wide selection of entertainment streaming services for members.


To be completely honest not many people use the Amazon Prime music streaming feature, but the Amazon Prime film streaming one is in relatively popular demand. A student would use this application in the way any other film streaming application would be used; chilling at home, on the train or any other situation of relaxation. This application offers a wide range of movies and series to stream plus exclusive content. This allows students to pay for an express-shipping and exclusive discount providing membership and receive all those benefits with a free serving of entertainment services.

Notable Feature

Amazon Prime’s most notable feature is its exclusive content. Amazon Prime provides students with certain series or movies that are only available (legally) on the plaftorm. Series such as The Boys and even subscriptions to other applications such as Disney+ are made free or cheaper with the help of Amazon Prime. This really is a testament of how useful a Prime membership is and there is no reason a person wouldn’t want to pay a few pounds a month for all these benefits.


Amazon Prime presents the opportunity for benefit sharing through Amazon Household. Although this is a bit tricky to get around because it requires members of different age groups, especially adults, to set up the account, when shared can become very beneficial for all parties involved. A member of this subscription receives benefits of an Amazon Prime membership but for even cheaper.

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