London Series: Kindle, Membaca Buku Lewat Smartphone (English)

There comes a time when a student seeks to indulge in more intellectual pastimes to combine productivity with relaxation. The primary example of an activity which combines the two aspects is reading. However, reading comes with its own limitations in the sense that books are relatively heavy and take up space. Kindle solves this issue by providing a reading platform that can a store more books than a student could ever want.


Kindle is useful in any kind of situation where a student has free time on the road or is in a hurry. Kindle allows students to carry around hundreds of books in their smartphone which a student only needs to pull out to access. This allows students to read any kind of book they want at any time and anywhere. Also, Kindle provides a text to speech feature which further saves up time for students to read. This is particularly useful when studying as it is quicker to listen than to read.

Notable Feature

Kindle’s most notable feature is its ability to store hundred of books into a smartphone app. This allows users to carry around all these books and freely access them. This is notable as it is a complete disruption of traditional reading culture. Where usually books are carried individually and take time to move on to other books, Kindle allows students to consume books at a much faster pace.


Kindle does not really provide cross-user features but is connected to Amazon Prime. This allows the reading benefits of a single Prime user to be shared to others who are within the subscription.


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