London Series: Fatsoma, Beli Tiket untuk Acara Meriah Hanya dari Smartphone (English)

London is a city offers many different attractions. The nightlife on its own is a tornado of wild nights and heavy mornings. To be able to enjoy recreational activities such as clubs or concerts, event holders in London usually sell tickets for people to purchase. Fatsoma is the application that everyone turns to when they want a pass into that trending event.


Fatsoma is very useful when buying tickets for any event. First, Fatsoma is mainly used to buy tickets for nightlife events. These events are held at clubs that don’t usually provide offline transactions or people don’t bother going there in advance to buy tickets. Fatsoma allows anyone to buy tickets at anytime to any of these clubs either in advance or 5 minutes before leaving. Also, Fatsoma is great for buying concert tickets. These tickets aren’t that hard to buy in the first place, but Fatsoma has a large selection of tickets to choose from so it just makes it simpler to order from there.

Notable Feature

Fatsoma’s most notable feature is its convenience. Fatsoma allows students to buy tickets anywhere and at anytime which is incredibly helpful considering how capricious a student’s nightlife may be. Also, Fatsoma makes transactions very easy. All a student needs to do is to connect the application to an online wallet and its one tap purchasing for the rest of your exciting uni life.


Fatsoma doesn’t really provide features that allow students to interact through the app, but it does allow students to go out together. Students can order multiple tickets at a time on Fatsoma and share with their friends. This helps because ordering tickets becomes so much quicker and your friend can’t abandon you because you have their ticket.

 Whatsapp  :  0812 5998 5997

Line           :  accesseducation

Telegram   :  0812 5998 5997

Email :

Link to Fatsoma:

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