London Series: Tinder, Mencari “Teman” dari Seluruh London (English)

Being a student in London is like travelling to a new country everyday. London is a melting point of students from all over the world. It is extremely rare for a person to have a friend group consisting of a single nationality. This makes a London a treasure cove of unique experiences that any person can benefit from. Tinder allows a student to extend their reach online by connecting the whole social landscape of London into one smartphone app.


Tinder is very useful in any situation where there is a need to broaden a student’s social circle. It is a great app for getting to know people anytime a student feels like it. Sometimes a student gets tired of meeting the same people from uni where they grind out essays and cram for exams together all the time. Tinder can provide a channel to meet random people who are usually trustworthy for a nice change of pace.

Notable Feature

Tinder’s most notable feature is probably its profile feature. It allows users to advertise themselves in any way they like. It allows them to show off any photos that they think might represent them and any information that they believe would attract the type of people they would want to associate with. Also, this feature helps users check out other users. Its very straightforward in the way that it lets users seek a person filling certain criteria. Coupled with the display photo set and the possibility of an initial conversation makes the profile feature very potent in matching people together.


Tinder is quite literally a networking app but in the casual realm. Its main function is to connect people together to form possible relationships; whether that be casual, romantic or some other type of bilateral tie. The only way Tinder complicates social encounters is that it presents users at random. However, this also helps users who are slightly insecure from having their friends find out that they’re on Tinder.

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