London Series: Eventbrite, Pintu Utama Setiap Acara di London (English)

London is an exciting city from every layer. Every facet of facilitation is brimming with exciting events for any student to enjoy. Whether it be from a university, theatre, restaurant or book store there are events that will be beneficial and enjoyable for students. Eventbrite is a perfect digital gate to access any of these events.


Eventbrite is useful in any situation that requires a ticket to get into an event. Since event organisers in London tend to use a digital platform for registration and ticket sales, Eventbrite has emerged as a prime destination for these events to be marketed with. Eventbrite allows students to browse any type of event that they want to attend in one app which provides convenience and efficiency. Furthermore, when registering for an event or even a formal appointment directly to the event organisers, they tend to use Evenbtrite as registering mechanism anyway so it doesn’t leave much of a choice.

Notable Feature

Evenbrite’s most notable feature is that most events use it anyway. When registering for an event online there is usually a link or website that students are directed to. This website or link usually opens up Eventbrite because most planners use it. It just shows that downloading Eventbrite is incredibly efficient because there isn’t much of a choice.


Eventbrite connects students with events that allow them to meet other people. Eventbrite access as an all access directory of events that students can choose from. From this, students are able to gain opportunities for networking by meeting other people at these events.

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