London Series: LinkedIn, CV Wajib Semua Mahasiswa (English)

Uni life presents an amazing opportunity to explore the professional world. Particularly in London, Uni life is a great bridge to sign up for internships, part-time jobs or any other work-related activities. Students will be competing with their peers who are of at least the same level as they are in terms of credential and professional potential. LinkedIn provides students with a platform to showcase their marketable aspects to institutions looking to recruit the best students available.


LinkedIn is very useful in terms of job-related applications or social settings. First, LinkedIn is a massive asset for any student looking to apply for job-related opportunities. LinkedIn allows students to list their achievements, educational history and any other things they feel is important for employers to know. Additionally, LinkedIn is also a place where students can publish. Publications such as research or essays are a great tool to showcase a student’s skill in a particular field to attract employers. Second, LinkedIn is integrated heavily in some unis’ cultures. Students from top unis such as LSE have a very heavy social reliance on LinkedIn. They use it to showcase their achievements to their friends and also chase opportunities to add to the list of achievements that they can showcase to their friends. Although this can be considered toxic, the positives of this LinkedIn culture can drive students to be more ambitious and achieve more in uni life.

Notable Feature

The most notable feature of LinkedIn is that it provides students with a very effective template to showcase their credentials on a prominent social platform. LinkedIn’s layout is very simple and easy to follow visually where elements such as the bio and list of achievements are structured in a way that follows that natural logic of a person’s eyeing of a website. This allows both employers and students to view profiles and receive every bit of information the profile’s user wants to convey. Also, LinkedIn does this on a very prominent platform which makes it even better. Combining the fantastic layout LinkedIn serves on a platform full of them just makes the chances of a profile’s exposure to increase.


LinkedIn is very capable in connecting students to other parties professionally. Students are able to connect with institutions, other students, employers and any other party that a student may see a professional opportunity in. LinkedIn is able to do this capably because of how prominent it has become. As a result of this, a student does not necessarily have to agonise over finding opportunities to find jobs or other professional experiences but can sit tight and wait for a stroke of professional serendipity to stumble upon their LinkedIn account.

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