London Series: Outlook, E-Mail Profesional Bagi Mahasiswa (English)

Communication is extremely important when conducting business within or outside of university. The common mode of communication in London unis is through e-mail. This allows information to be circulated in a centralised manner where all students will be able to be fully briefed on any matter. Outlook is the main e-mail used by universities to contact their students and an Outlook account has various other benefits.


Outlook is mainly useful in situations involving communication with universities. First, most universities use this to circulate any information such as administrational or events. This allows students to easily stay update to any changes on campus through one e-mail account. Also, most tutors will use Outlook to contact their students. This makes attending classes or communicating with tutors very easy as its very centralised. Furthermore, Outlook e-mails can be used for professional endeavours outside of campus. This e-mail can be used to contact any professional with the prestige of the uni the student hails from or be used to access any professional online research directory such as JSTOR. Additionally, an Outlook account can help students get Microsoft Office for free. This feature lasts for a lifetime and saves a lot of money for such essential applications.

Notable Feature

Outlook’s best feature is its e-mail feature. Although this should be a no-brainer as its e-mail feature is its primary feature, Outlook’s e-mail feature is very easy to use and is established into most uni’s communication system. This allows students to receive and send information within a system that caters to every need they could possibly have. This is incredibly convenient and an absolutely great feature on Outlook’s part.


Outlook allows students to connect with the information system of their university. It allows students to stay up to date with anything that goes on in their uni. Also, students are able to send e-mails to other students and even students that they have never met before. This is possible because an Outlook account connects a student to a whole network of Outlook account’s that have a certain institutional affiliation. Furthermore, an Outlook account enables students to use other applications such as Teams. These applications can help students collaborate with other students and are sometimes used to conduct online classes.

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