London Series: Gmail, Email yang dicari di Dunia Profesional (English)

Working proper jobs can be such a burden and will demotivate any student looking to increase their pocket money. New types of jobs meant to be enjoyable and interesting are needed to keep students motivated while making money. Gigwalk allows students to take random and simple jobs to both make money and discover new things at the same time.


Gmail is definitely the most professional email in the world and is absolutely essential for work life. First, Gmail is a great self-branding ploy for students applying for jobs. This is because Gmail is seen as one of the most advanced email accounts and shows that a student is up to date with technology and is professional. Also, Gmail is incredibly secure and is useful for opening accounts for important matters. Bank accounts or intern accounts can be opened with Gmail accounts for extra security. Furthermore, a Gmail account crosses over to its other features outside of the email component itself. A Gmail account provides access to applications such as Gdocs and Gsheets which are very useful for completing tasks and collaborative work. Additionally, a Gmail account can also be used to log into other services. Websites such as YouTube allow the use of Gmail to create an account which makes it very convenient for any student.

Notable Feature

Gmail’s most notable feature is its email feature due to its efficiency and effectiveness. First, its email feature is incredibly efficient because it can be used for various different accounts. Accounts for institutions such as YouTube and even universities tend to integrate their email systems with Gmail so it allows a large connected network of information to circulate through having a Gmail account. Also, Gmail’s email feature is incredibly effective due to its user-friendly interface and security level. Gmail’s interface is really great because it allows students to write “compose” emails on the same page as other pages such as the inbox or sent emails. This is all facilitated with Google’s high level security measures so all of this can be enjoyed with a feeling of safety and comfort.


Gmail is incredibly potent in terms of networking. Gmail can connect students to the professional world very easily in terms of self-branding and circulating information. Having a Gmail account is a prerequisite to having a high chance of being employed and actually using a Gmail account itself is great at finding opportunities through networking.

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