London Series: Uni Newsletters, Kenali Kampus hany dari E-Mail (English)

News within universities is also important for a student. It allows them to stay up to date with whatever is going on so they don’t miss out on something or can adjust to changes. This is usually done digitally by universities through applications such as Outlook or Moodle. Uni Newsletters are spread by universities through these applications to reach students and help them through uni life.


Uni Newsletters are great in any situation where there are developments in the university. Firstly, Uni Newsletters are useful in knowing any changes in uni rules or certain protocols. For example, the closing of unis such as UCL due to coronavirus was broadcasted through Uni Newsletters on outlook. This allowed the uni to spread information quickly and for students to receive it conveniently. Also, Uni Newsletters are great for finding events or opportunities. Uni Newsletters spread information about events such as career workshops, fairs, varsity leagues and socials which allows students to plan their attendance in time.

Notable Feature

Uni Newsletters are notably convenient for students to receive. Because they are done through a centralised email chain, universities are able to convey the same information to all students of their institution instantly. This allows students to receive correct and credible information instantly so further planning is given time to be done. This is very convenient and shows how something as simple as a newsletter can be effective if utilised properly.


Uni Newsletters help students network by connecting them to opportunities. These opportunities are usually events such as socials or career fairs. What Uni Newsletters do is that they simply promote these events in time for students to plan to attend or not. This allows students to explore opportunities that can connect them to parties such as other students, the professional world or other universities.


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