London Series: Apple News, Berita Mudah dicerna bagi Mahasiswa (English)

News can often be overwhelming and ultimately lethargy-inducing for students innocently seeking to broaden their horizons. Some students need bite-sized packages of needs to easily consume news on a daily basis. Without this the ongoing events of the world completely go over the head of students. Apple News serves news to students in a well packaged and easy to digest portion.


Apple News is great for consuming news quickly and conveniently. First, Apple News is a great application to open up after waking up. Not only are the articles displayed in the morning informative to get an overview of what has happened so far in the world, but its display is designed to be exciting and help students get motivated for further news consumption. Also, Apple News is great for consuming surface information. Apple News delivers news in easily digestible portions so students can easily obtain new information. This is great for referencing as this surface level knowledge can lead to further research using more academic and credible sources. Also, Apple News provides audio served news. This is great for students who are constantly on the go and need a daily dose of information to keep them going.

Notable Feature

Apple News’ most notable feature is its outsourcing of articles. Apple News is a platform that brings articles from other news outlets to the forefront of Apple device users. First, this is great because it allows Apple News to cover a wide variety of topics. This allows students to rely on a single platform for all kinds of news. Also, this helps students to discover different types of journalism. Different news outlets have different journalistic touches and this variation is an interesting menu for students who want to satiate their cognitive palates. Furthermore, this allows students to increase their references. This outsourcing of news allows students to become aware of different outlets that they might be interested in following further for future utitility.


Apple News allows students to become connected to the world. The way Apple News serves knowledge is that it gives a general understanding of a wide range of subjects. This gives students the knowledge to understand various topics but only enough for them to want to enquire further. In conversations, this is level of knowledge is important to have for starting and continuing conversations.

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