London Series: Yahoo Finance, Berita Finansial bagi Pemula Trader (English)

News can sometimes be used directly for the financial benefit of a student. Stock prices, market trends and financial news can be direct weapons for students to tackle the trading and investment world. This is an incredible opportunity for both long-term financial gains and increasing knowledge of the financial world. Yahoo Finance is a great application to segue students into understanding the financial world.


Yahoo Finance is great in situations where an understanding of the climates of markets across the globe are being pursued. First, Yahoo Finance is an insightful platform for global news that correlates with financial markets. Yahoo Finance compiles news from all over the world and explicitly explains how an event affects a certain component of a market. This is useful for a student who wishes to understand the causality of factors within financial markets to use to their advantage. Also, Yahoo Finance provides data about global stock market indexes. For example, NYSE, NASDAQ and S&P 500 are all displayed by Yahoo Finance. This is useful for a general overview of certain stock markets. Unfortunately, further information requires a paid subscription to access.

Notable Feature

Yahoo Finance’s most notable feature is how complete it is in serving news. First, Yahoo Finance is armed with a fleet of journalist well-versed in the financial jungle of the world. These articles are not only informative and insightful, but complete to a degree where a student may only need Yahoo Finance as their financial news compass for trading and investments. Also, Yahoo Finance outsources articles from notable institutions. Yahoo Finance enlists the help of notable institutions such as Reuters and Benzinga to give students a more complete and nuanced serving of financial news.


Yahoo Finance is able to connect students to the financial world in several ways. First, it is able to helps students to connect with actual financial players in existing markets. This is done through the sparked interest and further pursuit of knowledge that Yahoo Finance facilitates and is beneficial in both networking and opportunity taking. Also, Yahoo Finance can help students connect with other individuals that have the same interest. Being routinely informed by Yahoo Finance can become a useful conversation

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