London Series: Instagram, Platform Paling Mudah untuk Membaca Berita (English)

The spreading of news can be a very organic process. This is also known as “going viral” and is spread from one individual to other individuals in a continual cylce of circulation. This type of distribution is prevalent on platforms which have a massive user base and can be seen as mainstream digital landscapes. Instragram is one of the most used applications on the planet and is home to the phenomenon of virality, especially when it comes to the news.


Instagram is very useful in receiving surface level information. First, Instagram is a platform that can introduce various kinds of surface level information. This is useful in receiving a massive aggregate of information that can be collaged into an overall understanding of a topic. For example, if a student would like to get into a sport such as the NFL a really easy way is to follow accounts that discuss the NFL to familiarise themselves with the sport. Also, Instagram should be followed up with further research when wanting to take a piece of information seriously. This is because most information on Instagram does not display the full story and is possibly fake. News accounts on Instagram usually link their sites which discuss the information that they spread further somewhere on their account.

Notable Feature

Instagram’s most notable feature is how wide its reach is. A student can get surface level information from anywhere and about anything by just following accounts relevant to a topic. This is very convenient as Instagram provides a platform for all news from across the world to be discovered by a single student. Students should follow up any information they receive from Instagram with their own research for purposes such as verification and elaboration.


Instagram is obviously one of the largest social media platforms on the entire planet and can connect students to the entire world. First, students can receive news from anywhere across the world. This exposes students to a global network of information that is delivered at light speed. Also, students have the opportunity to spread information to the entire world. This allows them to share and receive feedback instantly.


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