London Series: Twitter, Aplikasi Sosial Media yang Penuh Dengan Berita Insider (English)

Sometimes news is delivered through unofficial but credible channels. This supports the mainstream news distributors by adding flair to their generally bureaucratic conduct. These unofficial channels usually occupy online platforms that allow freedom and are free to access. Twitter is a platform that has been utilised to spread insider and juicy news to students.


Twitter is usually useful in receiving information that is slightly harder to get through conventional channels. Twitter is full of accounts that are run by people with certain positions that allows them to relay insider news to students. For example, Fabrizio Romano is a prominent football news distributor as he has ties to nearly all relevant football clubs in the world. He is best known for being able to announce player transfers with his famous slogan, “Here we go” before the clubs themselves officially announce them. This type of free-flowing yet credible and important information is what makes Twitter an interesting world to obtain news from. However, it is important to note that information from Twitter should be taken with a grain of salt and requires further independent research.

Notable Feature

Twitter’s most notable feature is its posting format. Twitter allows users to post things such as photos, text (with a 280 word limit per post) and videos. These are usually utilised by news distributors in different ways. First, exclusive or usually restricted videos and photos are generally found first in Twitter. This is great for students to know certain information that may be hidden to add to their knowledge. Also, users often spread information through threads or a series of correlating posts which speak about a subject through posts that act as sequential parts. This is useful for obtaining information in a detailed manner.


Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms on the entire planet and can connect students to the entire world. First, students can receive news from anywhere across the world. Also, students have the opportunity to spread information to the entire world. This allows an organic interaction between users to allow information to spread and to receive feedback on anything said to further solidify any news.


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