London Series Special: Reach for the Stars, How to get into your Dream Uni (English)

Hi all! We’re back again with a new series for you guys here about student life in the UK! This week we will be discussing a very special topic. A topic that decides the course of the (hopefully) three years you all will be spending in the beautiful UK. This week will be a special series highlighting how to get into the UK unis of your dreams. Stay tuned for authentic tips and tricks on polishing your application and preparing yourself to live out your dreams!

The topics that will be discussed for this series are the following:

  • Requirements – The UK university system requires students to apply with certain academic and administrative requirements. Make sure to get these spot on to avoid silly mistakes that can keep you from achieving your dreams!
  • Program – Its important to study what you will want to base your life around later in the future. Choosing a program that suits you perfectly is extremely important to have a wonderful uni experience and successful future!
  • Choosing a Uni – Choosing a uni isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are various factors that students have to take into consideration to find the perfect fit for them. Stay tuned to be able to find a home over in the UK.
  • Personal Statement – Probably the most exciting part of the application process, the Personal Statement is extremely crucial for any application as students are required to compress their very being onto 600 letters on an essay. We will be discussing how to better represent yourself and show unis exactly who you are.

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