London Specials: UCAS Requirements, Check the Boxes to get Checked Out by Unis! (English)

The UCAS system is a centralised platform for most university-level education applications. This system has its own set of requirements before even getting to the unis of your choices. Getting past this first level of administrative bureaucracy is an integral step in realising your dreams. Don’t let a missing a document be one way ticket to educational limbo!

However, do not fret because most applications are done by both the student and the institution they attend. This opens up the possibility of assistance in filling in anything that is required to make a proper application.

Personal Information

Well this section is probably a no-brainer but filling in your personal information is a mandatory step into applying to unis. This will be done on UCAS’ website where all it really is is your run-of-the mill form filling exercise. The only slightly confusing section of this is further details (touching on funding, nationality and backing) but filling in this section will probably be guided by the institution you attend. To sum it up, don’t worry because you will receive help in filling this in, just make sure you actually do it!

Academic Information and Personal Statement

Academic information and your personal statement are the information being reviewed by unis before they make their choices. First, the academic information you have to fill in will consist of any form of education that you have gone through and any current academic endeavours you will put up for your application. The former is the usual high school or any other establishment that you have attended. However, the latter is about the modules you are currently undertaking to get into UK unis. The grades for these modules will initially be empty and will be filled in by your institution. Your institution will take care of both your predicted grades and final grades.

Second, the personal statement is incredibly important for your application. Although we will not be discussing how to write a good one this time its worth pointing out that uploading the personal statement itself is very important. Do not forget the deadline and check the character limit to ensure that your personal statement is approved by the system.

Uni Choices

Choosing your unis is really important as without it you will obviously not be able to get into any uni. Remembering the deadline for choosing your uni is important to note as the maximum amount of consideration is required but too much will result in disaster.

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