London Series-UCL Days: Nando’s

In relation to the previous post about GBK, The Brunswick provides many more great options for in between class lunches. Similarly to GBK as well, these meals not to be filling but relatively cheap with a good taste to cost ratio. Nando’s is a great option in The Brunswick and a visit their would prove why the place is one of the most iconic restaurants in the UK.

Nando’s is probably one of the best chicken restaurants in the whole of the UK. With consistent quality throughout their outlets, the The Brunswick branch should not disappoint. Their butterfly chicken is definitely a great choice for a meal in between classes. Being easy to cut up and eat while also very tasty to keep your mouth chewing, this meal would be quick, hassle-free and a satisfying experience. Having a meal at Nando’s is one of the best ways to recharge in the middle of a hectic day at uni.


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