London Series-UCL Days: San Marzano

For the final recommendation of the Eating Out line, this restaurant is a personal favourite of mine. A non-chain, authentic, cheap and genuinely delicious pizza restaurant for any student looking for a meal worth their time and money. San Marzano is an absolutely excellent choice to frequent for a student low on cash but high on appetite.

San Marzano offers a wide variety of their fresh sourdough pizzas and all these choices are genuinely great. As established earlier, this post is a very sentimental one and to continue that trend I will be recommending my favorite choice of pizza; the margherita. The margherita is filled with ingredients you would expect form a pizza of that name. Its signature ingredient being tomatoes shock your tastebuds to life while the relatively thick bread and full cheese are great complements to the star of the show. A recommended choice of action would be to add some additional toppings to the pizza with olives being my personal favourite. Furthermore, if you visit during lunch time they’ll have a promotion going on where two small pizzas will be at the price of 10 pounds.


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