London Series-UCL Days: The Gym

UCL student’s, especially freshers, usually stay in accommodations around the uni. These accommodations are spread out throughout the area but still remain relatively close to the uni. However, the locations of these accommodations do dictate the facilities that are closest to them. Luckily for residents of International Hall, their accommodation is extremely close to The Brunswick where they can sign up for a membership to The Gym.

The Gym is probably the best gym around for UCL students due to its price and the quality of its facilities. Firstly, The Gym provides discounted prices for students. This allows them to enjoy high quality facilities at the price of cheaper gyms. Second, the quality of equipment is top notch. From their cardio equipment to weights, all their equipment are high quality and plentiful. This allow for smooth workout sessions without waiting in line to use equipment. However, the location presents a problem for students who don’t live near the area. The area itself is relatively safe with a minimal chance of danger but is quite far from other UCL accommodations.


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