London Series-UCL Days: Russel square park

Sometimes exercise can also be inspired from the need to disconnect from daily life and have a relaxing period of time to yourself. Usually, people who are motivated by this need for solitude turn to jogging. Although the UCL area is filled with places for jogging, Russell Square Park provides a great venue for an orderly and scenic jogging session.

Russel Square Park is very wide and provides both a circular path around the perimeter and incisive roads to mix things up during jogging. These paths are accompanied by scenic trees and the usual park vegetation that you would expect organised neatly into your typical London park in the middle of the city. Additionally, the park is located very close to UCL with one of the nearest building being the Institute of Education, a common hangout spot for UCL students. Furthermore, for any joggers with plans for breakfast or any other type of meal this park is the location to Caffé Tropea which is a recommended restaurant to have a quick bite or hangout session.


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